Now may be the right time to hire Shugart Consulting to help YOUR lab
Practice Management Issues
Shugart Consulting offers assistance with issues such as:

  • Coding, Billing, and Reimbursement problems
  • Appointments, Orders, Indications
  • Scheduling and  Work Flow ​ 
  • EMR Implementation
  • Staffing and Job Descriptions
  • Testing Protocols, Forms, Reports, and Diagnostic Criteria                       
  • Medicare Policy and Regulatory compliance
  • Accreditation 

Why Hire a Consultant?
Now may be the right time to hire a consultant if your lab:
-is in a time of transition - new EMR; new medical or technical staff, new      ownership/acquisition or merging labs
- has identified problems - staff turnover; decreased patient, provider, administration       satisfaction
- has increasing claims denials, write-offs; billing audits; decreasing profits
- has outdated equipment, policies, protocols; incomplete QA
- has a supervisor who is overwhelmed with tasks and no time to complete them
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